My Sprites

I've been Spriting since 1998 (on and off)
I've been the underdog all my life in everything I do. I aint good, and I know I'm not bad at spriting. I feel that I'm somewhere in the middle. I decided to show my sprite collection so I can get judged here and now by all.

Robo Mario - Robo Mario, I made these out of bordom a Long, Long time ago. Then I sent these to a website got a game made.
Robo Luigi - Robo Luigi.. yeah.. for the second game thats still in the works :D
Yoshy Ryu 0.0 sheet - MegaMan edit, I've re-did this sheet later on because I wanted to.
Yoshy Ryu "Keeping it Old school" - another MegaMan edit sheet, but this time I re-used my sprites over and over, making custom poses that look.. well.. hilarious?
G101 Alpha "Advanced" - My 1st Sonic Fan character (still a MegaMan base though) and I still say it looks good for sprite sheet back then.
Yoshy Nytro 1.0 - My second and main Sonic fan character, I used Yoh Sprites for the base.
Yoshy Nytro 2.0 - Second sheet, and I used RoscMan's sprites of himself as a base. He only had four of his "classic" look, and I made way more then four.
Yoshy Ryu Custom - Made these from scratch for my Sprite Comic called "Sprite Talk"
DJ Man sheet - I did this for a friend. Used Danny Fenton Sprites as a base.
Yoshy Ryu NG 2 - NG for New Genoration or something like that. I basicly just changed the color of my jacket and pants, fixed my hat, and re-did some of my effects. Yes, I did some of them from scratch. (you can tell which ones, look at 0.0 sheet)
Yamato-Ized Yoshy Ryu 2.1 - The only thing I did here was re-did my body, & Pants. My heads and hands are from scratch.
Game Man 2.3 - Game Man (G101 Alpha)
Jet Plasma Sheet - Made this For Jet Plasma.
Colored Text Bubble sprites - Pre-made text bubble sprites for MS Paint comics. They just look fancy, and if you want to give your comic some more 'UMPH' these can do it.
Another Version of G101 is up - 2.5 version, since I just added some more poses.
Yoshy Ryu '8-bit' - Wheee!!! Kinda old, but it looks nice.


My worst/bad sprite(s) sheet
Why have a place for my bad Sprite Sheets? So you can compare to my good ones, duh.

Sarkis the Fox - For a friend on Deviantart, I made this to practice my animation skills.
ReteenaTH - One of Many failed Sonic characters I wanted to have. As you can see I let it die because I havn't made another sheet.
Neo-San - When the Matrix was hawt, I decided to make a character with the word 'Neo' in it. Back then Invert stuff was okay but now.. a huge no no..
Jerkedo Poscofsci - I actually want to Use Poser again, I had a nice lil backstory for him too. But I'm too lazy right now to re-work this sheet.
G104 Delta - G104? Yeah, I made some more besides Alpha. G102 Beta is my cousin's Sonic character but I did make the sprites.
G102 Beta - As you can tell from my tag, I was going to come back online (I was off for a few years) as Game Man. But I wimped out and stayed as Yoshy Ryu.
BlitzMan sheet 1.0 - I wanted to make a sprite sheet for my friend, but he doesn't have a fan character of anykind. So I kept making some up for him.
BlitzMan 2.0 - Second Sheet :/

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[ISH] Ideas

Do any of you have any idea what [Insert Something Here] is about?


Yeah, so whatever I come up with I do. Sometimes its funny and sometimes its not. But now I'm going to start excepting Ideas for comics. Not only will I make your comic idea into a reality, but I'll use your character in future strips if you want.

Seriously, any Idea will be taken into consideration, since my ideas are (obviously) worse.

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Gewd F-en Gravy

Seriously, have you ever had gravy and ate it for no apperant reason? Its G-E-W-D GEWD!!

Anyway, I'm not gettin' any one to get on Sprite Talk so I'll be making some more [ISH] Comics.. w00t-ang.

If anyone wants to see some of my art, check out my artpage at Deviantart or Sheezyart

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Some Freebies

You know what those are, right?
Well, there are some of those in in my archives.
Free Text Bubbles for all. You can use them for your sprite comics, or normal drawn comics that you've scanned.
Also I hope everyone has a good thanks giving.

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What ever

Hope you guys like this. Its good for a split laugh. n.n;;

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This is my first sprite comic that I will be updating weeking (I think). Its about Me, G101-Alpha, and Neo-San doing nothing but enjoying life, crackin' Jokes, and making fun of people. But since its crap I called it Daily poop, but I aslo like the tittle "[Insert Something Here]" (ISH for short).

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